Monday, April 02, 2007

Spot The Difference

Post-match interview from Rafa Benitez: "We knew right from the start that we had to make sure that we were first into the tackle. Alonso shadowed Cesc and the nearest player to Alonso was to told to double up with him on the tackle. This stopped their main creative player. We played Gonzales and Pennant on the wings which stopped their attacking full backs and again would disrupt their flowing football. Carragher was to push Adebayor out into wide positions and all the defense again were told to get into the tackles hard and double up at all times.

"We discussed the problems that Arsenal have at defending set pieces, especially at the near post, and that payed off really quickly. They have also had problems with set pieces from inswinging free kicks as they no longer have the traditional big centre halves that they used to have,so we worked on that during the week too."

Post-match interview from Arsene Wenger: "We went into the game expecting to attack and win the game but my players are mentally exhausted."

Now we know why....


J said...


mentally exhausted. ^_^

i on hte other hand am quite annoyed that i dont get any coverage of these matches! i haven't seen PSV yet coz it's showing a replay of it on sunday ... coz it showed bayern munich this morning instead. granted, that one was hte more "entertaining" terms of skills from both teams etc etc
but i wanted to see hte liverpool one =P


lots of highlights and stuff from the website I link at the bottom of my reports. Do check them out :)