Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hicks Endears Himself To The Fans

Like a step-parents to a kid, it takes awhile for the child to get used to living with another stranger at home and to learn to call the new parent either pa or ma. Translate it this way, it is never easy for us as fans, to love some outlanders to buy over the club, in a short period of time.

But I applaud the two new owners for taking a step forward and doing whatever they could to try and get along with the fans, the lifeline and the soul of the club.

Although they might just be putting up an act and doing all these to please us and make fans like me to write something good about them, we can only look in the positive way and to dream about what these two men can do to our club.

What particularly impresses me is the way Tom Hicks, came out and defended the Liverpool fans from being scrutinised and perhaps, stereotypically attacked by UEFA. Whether he really meant it or not is up for discussion but it does certainly inspire a great deal of confidence for us, as fans.

"I thought the guy from Uefa was a clown for saying that," Hicks said. "Uefa did not handle this right at all.

As a Texan himself, just like a scouser from Liverpool. Outspoken and right to the point without being 'undiplomatic'.

Once again, I'm not condoning the act of some so called 'Liverpool fans' whom ran round the streets of Athens, robbing fellow fans off their tickets or those who are involved in violence. But to launch the stinging attack on the club itself after what UEFA President, Michele Platini, said a fortnight ago, you just got to wonder about the credibility of William Gaillard's comment.

It's always easy to push the blame around and is UEFA really cleared of any of these fracas and farce? I think they do, but as often as humans are, we tend to look to things which we could easily put blame on and not looking into ourselves.

UEFA does need to thoroughly check itself and in need of an internal investigation surrounding the ill-planned Champions League final. Liverpool issued warnings about forge tickets and our over-zealous fans but they didn't cope with it, particularly well.

And saying all these, it doesn't lift the blame off Liverpool's shoulder as well. We're known for having over-passionate fans and when it comes to things we love, sanity usually doesn't mean anything.

Every club has it's black sheep, as we've always said but once again I must say branding us as the worst fans isn't fair. Looking back at those incidents of Italian fans killing the innocent police or the Milan Ultras throwing unwanted stuff like flairs onto the ground, we're certainly up and around their standards but never worst.

And Hicks, thanks for the words.

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