Friday, June 08, 2007

UEFA Team Ranking For 2007

1. AC Milan (ITA)

2. FC Barcelona (ESP)

3. Liverpool (ENG)

4.Internazionale (ITA)

5. Arsenal (ENG)

6. Real Madrid (ESP)

7. Chelsea (ENG)

8. Manchester Utd (ENG)

9. Valencia CF (ESP)

10. Olympique Lyon (FRA)

Not bad eh? It is calculated by adding up the points gain for the past 5 seasons and AC Milan topped the table after getting into 3 finals in 6 seasons. Barcelona's exploit in Europe earn them second place while the team that knocked them out of last season's Champions League, Liverpool, came third after their 2nd final in 6 years.

Inter Milan of Italy is close behind while Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd's inclusion means all the English Top 4' are amongst the elite.


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Elia said...

Newcastle is 11th.That was kinda of a surprise.