Monday, June 04, 2007

Now You Know Why Beckham Moves To The MLS

Because the players there are so sh*t at taking free kick that it's laughable.

Oh, the coach is former Liverpool player, Steve Nicol. And the player's name is Khano Smith. Remember the name please!


Elia said...

Yo that kick was laughable,but to say all MLS players are shit at free kicks is wrong.Have you seen De Rosario's goal? There isn't a keeper in the world that would've saved that.Not to many people watch MLS outside North America,but it seems that one bad kick and suddenly the whole league is shit is pretty poor judgment.



Haha, nah of course that's a tongue in cheek comment. I've seen that goal before and no doubt MLS will be really M (major of course) in years to come if the football culture is cultivated the right way...

cheers dude. long time since I've heard from you!

Elia said...

Good to be back :)

I was a bad boy and was locked up for a little bit.We'll just leave it at that.

Shame about the CL final.Oh well,better luck next year......I hope.

Reading your post about the transfers it seems your as irritated as me that we haven't really signed quality players besides Lucas.Seriously WTF? I want Malouda,Simao, and a world class striker to come to Anfeild.I fear that the powers that be we'll drag their feet and we'll miss out on Malouda and somebody else is going to swoop in and get him.Hicks and Gillete better get their act together because this isn't an American sports markets there's no such thing as a draft and world class players rarely hit the open market.