Friday, June 16, 2006

The 2006 World Cup Best Goals Compilations & That Gerrard Scorcher....

World Cup 2006 Best Goals So Far (Up Till Brazil vs Croatia)

This World Cup had been blessed with superb goals so far! And this is a compilation of all the great goals and it's just one week's action! I think we should expect a DVD version of great goals come the end of the World Cup. Enjoy, lads!

Does .."3 Added Minutes....And Gerrrardddd!!"....Sounds Familiar?

Yup, the FA Cup Final goal. But this time round Gerrard brought his canon along with him to Germany and again, it beats that very 'keeper as well. A wonderful left footed curler! GET IN THERE YOU BEAUTYY!!!

Anyway, I'll be catching the England game once again later as I didn't watch the game...properly I should say. I might do an analysis of the game much later and I'm sure there's something wrong with England and I might try to pin-point the problem!


Anonymous said...

Stevie's the MAN!! that was with his left foot.SGE needs to find a way to get Stevie more shots on goal he is the best they got.I liked what Robbie said about it he hit it spot on.

“Think of all the midfielders playing in the tournament and then try to name two or three better than Stevie. Almost impossible, isn’t it? I just can’t fathom why Eriksson continues to place so much defensive responsibility on him.”


Drogballs said...

hahaha yea as I have covered on the latest post about Gerrard and his position in the England squad. :D