Sunday, June 11, 2006

This IS The Story Of The Tournament!

Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund

Trinidad & Tobago 0 - 0 Sweden

Dear oh dear. What a story. 10 MEN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO held Sweden to a goal-less draw. What a shocker! And it's only the second day of the World Cup! I don't know why but I think this World Cup will be a cracker and already, T&T made history, on their first game in the WC finals and holding favourites, Sweden to a draw and rightly so. Sweden had loads of chances but they just wasted it all and Ibrahimovic is frankly, too selfish to be a target man and is certainly over-rated in my own opinion.

Anyway some of you might know that the referee of the match is a Singaporean and he was the first referee in the tournament to issue a red card. But overall he did well and didn't have a tough time.

Good on you Tobagos, everyone including me predicted that you'll get the b*llocks kicked today but did really well and defended with all your heart, even with 10 men. Hats off to you and truly, a shocking result. This will go down into the history books of World Cup.


jon said...

Brilliantly put! We were a bit gutted here but to be honest my son and I found ourselves willing T&T to win. Shameful I know, but the commentators on Swedish TV just really began to wind us up. And Zlatan really didn't do the business, didn' he.

Good to see Crouchy doing so well for England.

Anonymous said...

well said,I think CONCAF teams will suprise some people in the tourney.We all know that the Czeh Republic is the favorite against the U.S.,but don't suprised if they pull an upset or atleast a draw.4 years ago Portugal was the favorite and lost to the U.S. i don't know how much American football you seen,but DaMarcus Beasley is a real talent. Rafa should get him he's a perfect fit for Liverpool on the right side.It won't happen but one day an American WILL play for Liverpool

1 mans opinion

Drogballs said...

hey guys thanks for all that :).

jon: yea that's the beauty of the ga,e sometimes. the underdogs prevail and no matter what we loved it. cracking match!

anon: actually the US aint too shabby either eh? From the start i thought they'll give the czech a run of their money on the first game. Maybe they'll have something to prove here. I don't watch american footie, but I do know a few like landon donovan, adu..and yea Beasly, he was pretty good in the last WC and still in PSV eh?

Drogballs said...

oh anyway I thought Liverpool had an American goalkeeper in the reserves few years back. Brad Friedel?

Anonymous said...

Brad Friedel does'nt count I think he's talking about someone like Claudio Reyna a 1st team regular