Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 8 Round-up: Argentina 6-0 S&M, Holland 2-1 Ivory Coast; Mexico 0-0 Angola

Before I Start, Watch The Samba Boys In Action!

This was taken down minutes before Brazil's match and look how well they control the ball. Tell me it's not a god-given talent? Anyway it features Robinho, Roberto Carlos and of course the master, Ronaldinho.

S&M Whipped By Messi And Co.

Argentina 6 - 0 Serbia & Mont.

ARG - Maxi Rodriguez x2, Cambiasso, Crespo, Tevez, Messi;

Sexy and awe-inspiring. I think this 2 words fits perfectly if anyone is to ask how the Argies play their football. Life's fair perhaps, that Argentina's a pretty poor nation, yet many of them are blessed with excellent techinque, flair and creativity just like the Brazillians. There's no point comparing England, Portugal or France to Argentina or Brazil actully. I think European teams are too mechanical and rigid to play free flowing football. They're beng taught how to play football and are asked to play a certain way on the field. But to the Samba boys, they seemed to know how to play football even when they're in their mama's womb and ENJOY football instead of scrapping a few results so as to get out of their group...*cough*.

S & M, reknowned for their stubborn defence, was sadly torned apart by a brilliant Argentinian side and you have to feel for them. They're just not good enough to challenge them and always seemed to have one man less everywhere on the pitch although they do have a player down when Mateja "I CAN SCORE MORE GOALS THAN HENRY" Kezman was sent off for a 2 footed lunge. It sums up the frustration of the Serbs, as they struggle to get hold of the ball and seriously, the match looked like the Argentinians were having a training match with a bunch of wanna-bes and will-not-bes. Maybe they just flattered to deceive when they went through their qualifying round with relative ease, but they're just simply awe-strucked by the Argies.

I don't wanna go into describing every goal that the Argentinians scored. Too many to describe and I think one of the goals is just masterclass and you'll need to WATCH it to understand the beauty of it. The Spainish scored a brilliant goal few days back and yesterday, we witnessed yet another goal of almost, or maybe even higher standard. Many claimed it was as good as any great goals scored in the World Cup and undoubtly so! If I'm not wrong, before the goal was scored, the Argentinians passed the ball around and it took a total of 24 touches before the ball find the net. Sometimes against stubborn defence, patience is the key, NOT BECKHAM'S LONG BALL, period. They passed the ball around, made spaces for each other, dragged the defence out of position before sending a wonderful pass that paralysed the S&M defence like knife through butter. Well, most of them were.

For every Wayne Rooney, there's Carlos Tevez and
Lionel Messi. Yup, you can never out-produce the Argentinians in terms of wonder kids and superstars. Yesterday they showed us that the hype surrounding them are for a cause and Messi showed the world why Maradona, their god himself claimed that he is the Special One (not Moan-inho). It really didn't take long for him to feel at home at the World Cup did he? He might have just returned from injury, but clearly, his finishing touches and his runs were not affected at all. Form's temporal, but class is permanent.


The Elephants Tumble:

Netherlands 2 - 1 Cote D'Ivoire

HOL - van Persie, van Nistelrooy;
CIV - B. Kone;

Well, the Dutch really did hung on to their slender lead and with some luck as well, isn't it? I think there were countless of penalty claims in this match that were valid yet waved away by the referee. What's wrong with the referees nowadays. Did FIFA impose a fine on refs who give penalties away? It seemed like all the refs are so afraid to give penalties away. That's the only qualm I have during this current World Cup. There were a few stonewall penalty claims in that Italy vs Ghana game and this one as well, but the only penalty we've seen was a ridiculous decision by the referee.

Anyway I was cheering on the African Elephants throughout the match. I really hope they get something out of the game. Sometimes it just suck when teams like England played like they don't really care and can walk their grou
p with ease, whereas teams like Ivory Coast had to fight for their bloody lives and in the end, their dreams ended quite abruptly. They fought well, technically QUITE okay, had the right mentallity and the physical strength and stamina. But they're just too inexperienced and a little naive.

But that's football, and Ivory Coast's a pretty new footballing power, so it will take some time for the players to get enough experience in the bigger stage such as this and learn from their mistake. I really hope to see them come back stronger in 4 years time and make the Africans proud! Go Elephants!

Mehico Rues Missed Chances:

Mexico 0 - 0 Angola

You pay for missing chances right? Yes, indeed. Another story of the World CUp I guess, 10 men holding favourites, Mexico. Well, Angola did regain some pride for the Africans, eh?

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