Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some Great Goals From Last Night's Games

LATEST: Peter Crouch won't do the robot dance again unless England wins the World Cup. Ooh I think his robotic career ended alreday :(

Great Goals!

Last night's games were blessed with great goals and if you have missed the action, here they are!

Tim Cahill's 2nd vs Japoon

Tomas Rosicky's 1st vs USA

Andrea Pirlo vs Ghana

Silly Facts About Togo:

Since they're playing against South Korea tonight, I'll present you with the factfile of this African country:

Full Name: Togolese Republic
Capital City: Lomé
Area: 21,853 sq miles
Population: 5,400,000
Time Zone: GMT +0
Languages: French (official), Ewe (other)
Religion: 70% Ant/insect worship, 20% Christian, 10% Muslim
Currency: Togolese Sausage (S)


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