Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 3 Results: Netherlands 1-0 S&M, Mexico 3-1 Iran, Portugal 1-0 Angola

Portugal 1 - 0 Angola

Portugal - Pauleta 9;

Seriously, if you think that the England vs Paraguay match was poor, this game was worst. Everyone expected Portugal to trounce Angola as they did for the previous accounts and how they prove everyone wrong. Like England, they started off really brightly with Pauleta going really close just 10 seconds in and you thought we're in for a goal-fest. Right. Anyway the goal did came and it was down to Figo's excellent work as he nutmegged an Angolan defender before placing the ball nicely for Pauleta to finish it. Oooh, whipping boys you thought!

But right after that, Portugal seemed to take their foot off the gas pedal and went to sleep almost completely. They passed around sheepishly and Cristiano Ronaldo as usual, gets wind-up and got really angry and starts to throw hissy fit and shooting freekicks into the stands. Simao was sub-standard and Figo seemed alittle off paced. Anyway Angola started to steady themselves a little and I must say after the goal, they defended flawlessly and never really given the Portugese much chances. And the match wore on and it was turning into the ultimate bore-fest. Portugal were looking like they're in a cup final game, keeping hold of the ball and passing around without much passion or rythmn. They took Ronaldo off for a defensive midfielder and you could see that coming eh? And it goes...on and on...and on...

A foul-ridden game to be honest. 29 fouls from the Angolans and 20 from the Portugse. There was really no rythmn in the game and it seemed like the Portugese are happy wiht the really slender lead. To be honest if the Angolans learnt to be alittle less naive, or you should say more experienced, they would have given them a sucker-punch. Anyway 3 points for Portugal and seriously, what's wrong with all the European teams? Turning into Greece?

How to 'mark' Cristiano Ronaldo: Get someone who's really good at winding up players. Kick him a few times and watch him explode! Even with him playing, Portugal will seemed like a 10-men team. Cheers!

Serbia & Montenego 0 - 1 Netherlands

Netherlands - Robben 18;

The Netherlands got off to a great start in the group of death, as they beat defensive stonewall, Serbia & Montenegro. Previously the Serbs had only conceded one goal in their qualifying group and looked a real solid and disciplined side. But today, they were tore apart by Arjen Robben. Well, nearly. He IS the man of the match by a huge margin and is the most influencial player on the field throughout the entire game. Hats off to him, he ran the Serbian defence ragged and could have added a 2nd or 3rd himself.

In the second half, Serbia & Montenegro substituted Zigic, their own version of Peter Crouch and Koroman, one of the bright sparks in the game, and they really did made the game a little more interesting and they certainly started well. But the Dutch were disciplined and stopped them from creating too many chances.

The match was not as boring as the England vs Paraguay game, but this game is one that many of the big star players failed to shine and were subdued. Maybe due to the 'weather' ? Van Nistelrooy, van Persie and Sneijder were not at their best and were largely annonymous. So did Kezman, Stankovic and Milosevic. But an entertaining game and a very good result for the Dutch, especially with Argentina winning last night.

Mexico 3 - 1 Iran


Mexico - Bravo (28, 76), Zinha (79);
Iran - Golmohammadi (36);

Drogballs: Haha, my prediction was spot on. 3-1!

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