Friday, July 28, 2006


Just a random rant, don't worry.

Okay anyway I think most of you might know that Sir Fergie have decided to let his steed named Ruud van Nistelrooy to join the 'best club in the world', Real Madrid for a massive.... £10 million.

While on the other hand, he said he'll not panic buy as the season is starting real soon, with only 6 recognisable midfielders fighting for 4 places.

But what he did, was to throw a massive £18million bid on Michael Carrick of Tottenham, whom joined the club 2 years ago for .. wait for it...


So, what did he do during the 2 years, to warrant a price increase of 9 folds? No idea, man. If I'm a ManYoo fan now, I'll be worried. Their most prolific goalscorer in recent times, Ruud, left on a cheap and now they're lacking some firepower up front. Saha, Rooney? Fair enough. Solksjaer, Smith and Rossi? Chelski must be peeing in their pants! Their interest in Torres might have waned as well, after Torres himself saying he'll stay at Athletico for another year.

Maybe with Carrick, their midfield will look more solid on paper. But still, Giggs and Scholes looked like they're past their best while Richardson, I just don't rate him. John O'Shea? Even ManYoo fans gave him the nickname of O'Shit. CryNaldo? Nevermind, the English fans hates him and they're left with Park Ji-sung, who's a pretty alright player, but can't finish to save his life.

To be honest, I'm more worried about Spurs than ManYoo. But they have this strange habit of them becoming stronger when people starts to doubt them. Except the one they lost to Benfica of course!

£18 Million for Carrick? Sir, you're having a laugh.

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