Friday, July 28, 2006


you're so sh*t. Your first team (including Tim Cahill and Marcus Bent) can't even beat my reserves!



Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Post your roster I'm curious on how your team looks.I was gonna get it,but I can't play a game that's just about managing teams.I like to build a team and go out on the pitch and dominate.

I do have Fifa Road to Germany for Xbox 360 and it sucks.I must have beat it with almost every team in the tourney and atleast half of the time it was France in the finals.So I guess EA knew something I did'nt that France would make it that far.

Fifa 07 comes out I think in November that will probbly suck as well,but it will hold me over until Pro Evolution Soccer 6 comes out early next year.

Question does Football Manager have realtime roster updates?
Also is there any difference in Stevie and Fat Franks attributes? alot of games I've played have them rated about the same only difference is Stevie's defense is rated higher.


Drogballs said...

nah, don't bother about those FIFA craps that EA comes out every few months. They're rip offs and made by people who don't know football. Play Football Manager (Not Championship Manager!) and of course Pro Evo (Winning Eleven). They're great games and if you really love football, they're the games to play. Anyway both these games are coming out with new versions this coming October as well.

Uhm, the update will have to be downloaded from various fan sites of course. But it's not much of a big problem.

The Football Manager (FM) gives you a more in-depth stats and figures than those FIFA actually. There's not 'attacking' or 'defending', but rather other attributes like anticipation or work rate. I'll post a couple of pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

I had Winning Eleven7 for ps2.It's way better than Fifa,I just hate that they couldn't get the proper licenses no real club teams nor the stadiums.

LMA Manager 2007 will be coming out soon too.I don't know if it's fictional teams or real ones.Every screenshot I've seen is fake teams.
who the hell is B'pool and Soton?


Drogballs said...

Hmm, I don't really know about LMA manager cuz I'm a long time FM player so I stucked with it all the time.

B'pool should be Blackpool and Soton is Southampton. Sounds like Lower league manager to me!