Saturday, July 29, 2006


Have To Be:

El-Hadji "Spitter" Diouf
The One That Wore Our No. '9' And Doesn't Score!

As a decade-long Liverpool fan, I didn't get much chance to see them in action until around 2001, when I was kinda old enough to really understand the game and of course, having it on TV week in, week out was one of the reason. So if you would ask me who's our wrst player in recent times, then no doubt, it's Diouf.

God, how I hate that w**ker. But it's not his fault for flopping big time at Anfield, because he's just sh*t to be honest. Here's some reasons why I think he's the worst of the lot.

- Firstly, he costed around 10 million pounds. Boll**ks! I thought at most he's worth 10 dollars! Another great signing from Gerard "turn the corner" Houllier!

Season 2003/04, he became the first Liverpool player to wear the no. 9 shirt and not score a goal for 14 months, or in a word, the entire season. He's the first for almost 50 years. Fantastic record!

His behaviour on and off the field were disgraceful. Okay wait, it's wrong to use 'were', because he still IS an idiot. He can't stop spitting at fans and have a habit of getting caught spitting every fortnight.

As a Bolton player, he scored against us last season and his goal celebration makes me hate him more than any other Mancs, Bitters or Chelscum players!

We all know how rotten some of our signings are in recent times. There's always a Josemi for a Steve Finnan, a Pellegrino for a Hyypia. But there you go, just some of my thoughts. Agree? or Disagree? Write to me!

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