Sunday, July 30, 2006


Pre Season Friendly

Liverpool 2 - 3 Kaiserslautern

LIV - Bellamy (60min), Luis Garcia (67min);
KAS - Villar (56min), Ziemer (71min, 87min);

Liverpool: Dudek, Traore, Paletta, Hyypia (captain), Peltier, Gonzalez, Zenden, Hobbs, Anderson, Fowler, Bellamy. Subs - Reina, Finnan, Riise, Aurelio, Pennant, Sissoko, Garcia


Ooh, quite unlucky anyway. 3 mistakes from young defender/midfielder Jack Hobbs gave Kaiserslautern the win and Dudek should be blamed for his terrible goalkeeper as well! But the game soon some sort of a comedy when both Aurelio and Luis Garcia limped out of the game and Liverpool had no more subs to use! A weird rule to be honest, especially when they limit it to 7 subs in a friendly? So Rafa discussed with the 4th official to let him put Fowler back into the game after he was substituted out and also, to put goalkeeper, Pepe Reina into the outfield position!

Anyway Pepe Reina went in and tried to do Gerrard's job by nearly grabbing the 3rd goal, but JUST not good enough! And apparently we've signed another defender that looks similar to Hyypia, with that blond hair and the 'I don't give a damn' look. And his name is Sami Nyypia!

The camera angle was awkward and after watching for around 10-15 minutes, I was a little irritated and switched channels. The commentary was quite rubbish as well, but anyway I'm not at all troubled by losing the game, as long as the players had a good run out and gear up for the upcoming season.

I should mention that I'm thoroughly impressed by new signing Gabriel Paletta. He's the type of no-nonsense player in the Carragher mould and reads the game really well. Lee Peltier on the right-back slot was solid as well and Zenden looks comfortable in the central midfield position. Bellamy and Fowler still needs to work on their partnership but looks alright to me. Fabio Aurelio's partnership with Riise down the left looks impressive while Pennant did quite well.

Feel sorry for Hobbs. He looked really gutted at the end of the game with Finnan giving him a light pat on the back. Nevermind, finally we saw them in action after around 2 months!

By the way, who needs Gerrard when we have Reina!! and Nyypia.

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