Thursday, August 03, 2006


And Have Some Backbone, Football Authorities:

AC Milan will have a chance to play in next season's Champions League if they manage to beat Red Star Belgrade in the upcoming 3rd Round Qualifier. But the decision made known to them and us were different 2 weeks ago, when they were punished together with Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio for various match-fixing and breaking rules of different magnitude.

Surprised that they over-ruled the punishment?

Not for me. It seemed like the football authorities high up there are not doing much to help the game of football. It's supposed to be the most popular sport in the world with the most number of fans and audience while the football authorities seemed to watch and do nothing as the game turned into a farce. Why? They don't have the balls to show their might and authority, to punish teams that deserves punishment and to set things right from the start. Don't even get me on the subjects of diving and cheating ON the pitch. We're talking about things OFF the pitch now.

The 4 Italians club were 'convicted' for match-fixing and 3 of the 4 teams were relegated as a result. Milan were spared for some 'minor' offence. But let's get things straight. Match fixing yes? In another word, it's outright CHEATING. And since when has cheating been tolerated up till such an extent? If I'm not wrong, the rider who recently won the Tour de France, Floyd Landis, is now known to have taken illegal substance and his title might get stripped off. What about the runner, something Gatlin. Second time offence right? We're not sure what the authorities are going to do with those cheaters, but whatever it is, it seemed like they always got off easy in the world of football.

After a rather 'harsh' punishment from the Italian FA, the clubs decided to lodge an appeal and guess what, they got lighter sentences! Surprised? Not for me again. Juventus was the worst hit ones, going down to Serie B while the other 2 teams was reinstated to the Serie A. Milan? They still managed to get into the goddamn Champions League! So the most prestigious club competition in the world, allowing a team that cheats, into the competition?

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Milan. But I just hope to these people at the top get things straight. Send out a message to the mass that CHEATING IS WRONG and start acting like an authority instead of a church. Sometimes forgiveness should not be shown to these teams that brought the game to disrepute and bring shame to planet football.

Start showing some backbone and grow some balls, or people will climb all over your head. Rant. Over.

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