Saturday, August 05, 2006


Pre-Season Friendly

FC Mainz 5 - 0 Liverpool

Er, before you ask me to edit the score, sorry, that WAS the scoreline last night. I think now, even the most optimistic fan(like me) will be pretty worried with that pathetic performance. It's not like we're gonna be out of a cup or something, it's a friendly. BUT let me say that I'm worried with the strikeforce as well as the defence. It's not right and I think we better kick our butts and start bucking up as Maccabi Haifa looms next Wednesday.

Started out with the stars like Gerrard, Alonso and Crouch. But there was a certain lacking of creativity, motivation and clearly devoid of any ideas. Crouch and Bellamy looks isolated and both Gerrard and Alonso couldn't drive the team in the middle.

And look at the past few matches, the one against Kaiserslautern, Grasshoppers and tonight against Mainz. We shipped in goals like we NEEDED it. It was almost ALL down to personal mistakes I reckon. Hobbs the other day, then it was Paletta. Tonight it was a grand total of 4 to 5 f*ck-ups and nothing seemed to work right to be honest.

Maybe it's down to the player's over-confidence and pride, I guess. They're too full of themselves sometimes and you need defeats like this to get that into the player's mind, to get back down to planet earth and start working hard instead of having the air of unbeatable-ness in the team.

And I'm amazed that Salif Diao and Djimi Traore still don in the Liverpool shirt. Seriously, they belong to the English Championship level and should be ship out ASAP. Kromkamp looks shaky as well. I think we're blessed with a squad of pretty good individual players, but when it comes to strength in depth, we will always lack behind to the likes of Chelsea and ManYoo to be honest with you.

Something I can't understand is why the defenders just seemed to wandered off and lose concentration so quickly during the pre-season friendlies. It's something I can't get a grip of and the usual solid Liverpool defence constantly looked fragile and stretched. I've no idea why, maybe Rafa knows.

I'm not totally pissed, but neither am I pleased. All I hope is that we won't get royally owned by M. Haifa next week like we did today. Today, it's a friendly and does no effect (maybe psychologically), but next week, we CANNOT afford to slip up anymore. It's do or die. Hope the lads learned something today and as a result of getting their butts kicked, they'll learn to come back down to earth. Grrrrr.....

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