Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Pre-Season Friendly

Liverpool 0 - 2 Grasshopper Zurich

ZUR - Salatic, Blumer;

Okay! So, second successive lost in the pre-season friendlies. Before you go on and throw stones and bricks at Rafa's house, chill and don't get all agitated aight? I don't mean that friendlies mean nothing, but you know, as long as they perform up to their usual standard when needed, I'm happy enough. It's not nice watching them lose of course, after a great 05/06 season, where we rarely lost. But I believe that losing friendlies might not as bad as some might think. It basically brings the team down to earth a little and of course, that might take some pressure away from them. This games will give players extra training and to sharpen their match fitness a little, after 2 months of partying and 'siesta'-ing.

Rafa tried to experiment with a 3-4-2-1 tactic in the beginning but the Grasshoppers 'hopped' pass the Reds defence pretty easily as they looked to break down the Liverpool defence with ball over the top tactics and springing the offside trap.

World Cup stars returned to squad as well, after taking a 3 weeks break, with Crouch, Carragher and Gerrard back in the fray. Hobbs was given a 2nd chance after screwing up the game against Kaiserslautern and did alright this time. But the problem seemed to be passed on to Paletta, who looked like a no-nonsense defender. This time round he tried to be smart as he back-passed a ball to Reina, but got intercepted and Blumer scored from an acute angle.

The England trio was then given a run out and Gerrard, with his usual dominating self should have scored a goal if only he had his match sharpness back. Crouch coming close on some occasions as well.

Did Well:

Sissoko - Running around like a crazy ostrich again, eh? (Not racist, okay!)

Zenden - Industrious, but lacked a little composure playing in the middle of the pitch.

Pennant - Lively, showing some good touch. But not sure what made him slipped so many times.

Bellamy - Link up with Pennant pretty well. Should've scored as well. Very hardworking.

Crouch - Nice touch for a big man! Ah, that line of words again. Need to get back his sharpness fast though.

Gerrard - Need to say more?

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