Monday, July 31, 2006


After the recent problems over in Italy, sending vultures from all over Europe to try and get something out of the 4 Italian clubs, maybe now the 'pack of vultures' have an alternative 'feeding' spot and it's none other than Real 'Biggest club in the whole wide galaxy!' Madrid. According to reports:

Ivan Helguera and Michel Salgado headline a long list of Real Madrid players being made available this summer.

Real coach Fabio Capello will meet with sports director Predrag Mijatovic today in Austria to run a final check over those players he's prepared to offload.

Michel Salgado, Carlos Diogo, Oscar Minambres, Francisco Pavon, Jonathan Woodgate, Ruben, Raul Bravo, Ivan Helguera, Alvaro Mejia, Pablo Garcia, Thomas Gravesen, Borja, Javier Portillo, Julio Baptista and Ronaldo are all expected to have their names circulated around Europe's biggest clubs this week.

Most of those players are, well, fringe players and should have walked long ago. But there are some pretty interesting ones! Let's take a look.

Michel Salgado: He might be a little old, but I still think he can cut it at Premiership levels, even at teams like Tottenham, who lacks a right-back.

Jon Woodgate: Too injury prone, but on his day, he's better than Rio Ferdinand and maybe Ledley King. Maybe Newcastle's interested to take the boy back? Since Boumsong and Bramble clearly don't cut it at this level.

Thomas Gravesen: Instead of splashing 18.2million on Carrick, why does ManYoo not try a little bid for this 'Shrek' MK2 here. He might be getting a little old now, but still does his job well. Experience's the key.

Julio Baptista: Everyone thought he'll shine at Real, but after some lacklustre performance, might be on his way out. So definitely, Arsenal will be interested after missing out on him last season. Why not this, Arsenl exchanges that wussy Jose Reyes for the Baptista himself? Seems like a good deal.

Ronaldo(Fat & Real One): A little lazy. A little fat. But no one can doubt his quality. Still a pretty good striker, albeit a stop-gap for most big clubs, desperately searching for strikers that seemed so, so scarce in recent times. Maybe Liverpool might be interested, but most likely he'll return to Internazionale.


rafalution said...

agree with the graveson thing what they are paying for carrick is crazy............ its great

Drogballs said...

Yea, it's just madness. Sold van Nistelrooy for 11m and the buy a midfielder for almost double the price.

Nyoman Winardi said...

Some crazy stuff from mr. fergie ... Buy a player that isn't really prove himself worth that amount of money ... People barely know him from last season due to his decent performance ... I think it's people will compare him with Keane and it going to be a bad thing for his career ...

Drogballs said...

yea I don't think his performance in the Premiership or World Cup justify that absurd price. How can he worth 6-7mil more than Alonso? :D We'll see though..

Anonymous said...

2 goals in 79 games I think? money well spent.I know they didn't bring him to Old Trafford for his scoring,but 2 in 79 whoa.And to think he wouldn't even start for Liverpool


Drogballs said...

You mean Carrick? Yea, he's not reknown for his scoring at all because of his position as a deep-lying defensive playmaker.

But I believe as a midfielder, scoring is important as well. Why bother playing if you don't score. Hmm, but at least he does his job well from what I've seen.