Wednesday, August 02, 2006


He's More Afraid of ManYoo & L'Arsenal Than Liverpool

Jose Mourinho claims Manchester United and Arsenal pose a bigger threat to Chelsea's Barclays Premiership crown than Liverpool.

The colourful Stamford Bridge manager disagrees with captain John Terry's prediction that Rafael Benitez's men will be leading the chasing pack in the race for the title this season.

He said: "I still believe that Man United and Arsenal will be the biggest threat, in spite of the fact Arsenal finished fourth and Liverpool third. They will still be the better teams.

"I say that because of the quality of their football, the way they play, the improvements in their squads.

"Man United will improve a lot by having Michael Carrick. He's a very, very good player and he will improve them

"Liverpool are different. They are very competitive, it's very difficult to beat them. If they score a goal before you score it's very difficult to change it because they defend really well with 11 players very, very compact.

"They are tactically very good. And they are potentially fighting for the front pack but I still fancy more the way Manchester United and Arsenal play football."

"I don't believe it will be easy for other clubs to stop us because we are building a very strong football team and also a very strong family."

Drogballs: Really? Jose? You worry about them more than us? Than why are you having a dig at us? Ha, Mr Mind Games is getting a little tiresome there, eh? Only a threatened man sound like him and he bloody well know that we're gonna launch an attack of the Premiership crown and everyone knows we're really not far behind. I don't believe he's not afraid of us, we kicked them out of 2 semi finals in consective seasons, hello? How about cutting down the point difference from 04/05's 37 points to last season's 9 points. Is he not threatened?

We're facing off with the 'biggest club in the world' ,Chelsea soon in the FA Community Shield match. They have bought players big time yet again with Andriy Shevchenko and Mikael Ballack already added into a squad of extraordinary talents while we have bought pretty wisely, albeit unable to match Chelsea's huge-money transfers. But is having the best player in your squad the way to success? Half way there, Jose. But with several merceneries serving the club, it might be the ultimate downfall for them.

He pointed out that L'Arse and ManYoo should be feared more because THEY PLAY BETTER FOOTBALL. Alright then, DOES CHELSEA PLAY GOOD FOOTBALL? The answer is 90% NO. So does Jose think that they're gonna win the title again? Hmm, only he can answer that. If he continue to think that Chelsea are going to be the champion and have the born right to, then sorry, you guys might just end up like the mighty Brazil, whom overconfidence seeped into the squad and before you know, it all came crashing down to earth.

And do I need to tell you that Jose is a poor 'advisor' ? You can believe his words in this, but he meant otherwise, trust me on that. Remember before England played Portugal? He actually gave an 'advice' to England, asking them not to play Peter Crouch in the match as he'll get marked out by a certain Carvalho. Don't know if Sven believed his words by not placing him in the starting XI, but Crouch came on as a substitute and put up a great one man show up front. Conclusion? Jose is a twister of words and one should never take his words, literally.

Fine, Jose. Not afraid of us? WE'LL MAKE YOU AFRAID OF US, THEN.




Anonymous said...

He's a bitter bitter man.He can't get over the CL semis loss.I think he's jealous of Rafa everyone knows Rafa is building a team that people respect,not one bought by a Russian billonaire.For that fact alone he will never get the repsect Rafa will.

He's a disgrace to my race!


Drogballs said...

Be glad that he didn't mention Luis Garcia again! Hahaha as I've compared him to Rafa before, he's the son of the rich man while Rafa's like the poor man's kid (not saying that L'pool is poor). In terms of attitude and the way they handle things.

Nyoman Winardi said...

Yeah another comments from jose MOANinho ARSEH*LE to show that he is a DUMB ARSE manager. Who the hell does he think he is? A great manager? Even I can do the same thing if I was given the same amount of money that was given to him. He’s just a DUMB ARSE manager. He’s buying the success with money.

Drogballs said...

haha relax guys! He's just trying to wind us up and if you believe his words then he has already succeeded. cheers :D

RC said...

i use the term verbal diareah w/ the students i teach...

never heard anyone else use's really a great term.

--RC of

Drogballs said...

hey RC welcome aboard! interesting blog you have too :)

Anonymous said...

"Only a threatened man sound like him and he bloody well know that we're gonna launch an attack of the Premiership crown and everyone knows we're really not far behind."

Nice one you scouse cunt. 15 points behind us and we didn't even win the league.