Friday, August 04, 2006


Came back from a 3km run and expected some nice articles on Football365. To my horror, it's the article from the most biased and most anti-Reds pundit ever, and his name is none other than Andy "OH YOU BEAAAUUTY" Gray. Hearing him talking in that stupid Scottish accent week in week out is frustrating enough. But now, he's doing a Jose and having the new illness called the "Pre-Season verbal diarrhoea", where people talk bollocks and don't make sense due to their boredom, with no football on TV.


How do you feel? I felt like it was a wind up, from an ex-Everton player. Surprise! Let's take his column, word by word and let me analyse for you those points.

They've proved they're a difficult team to beat but they draw too many games to be a threat over a Premiership season
Drogballs: Drawn too many games? Have a look at our 05/06 table and it reads 7 draws. While most of these draws went back in the start of the season when we're still finding our feet, 7 draws is not ALOT compared to erm, ManYoo, who had 8. So since when on the blue moon, is 7 more than 8? You talk sh*te. Sorry.

But for me, they will struggle to get anywhere near Chelsea, because you just wonder where the goals are going to come from in that team. Peter Crouch has a lot to prove at this level, Robbie Fowler has obviously seen better days and Craig Bellamy's 13 goals in the Premiership last season was his best-ever haul.

I admit that sometimes we struggled to get goals, especially when teams packed their defence into groups of 9 and stuck them in the penalty area. We know what Crouch is able to do and his ability might NOT be world class, but certainly, he IS improving.

And about him saying that Robbie Fowler is past it, it's the typical stereotype isn't it. Players like Bergkamp and Sheringham played well into 35 and those media goes on to say 'OH WHAT A LEGEND' and goes on for a w*nk. He might not be what he was 7-8 years ago, but his presence brought a new belief and an identity to the club. He's a favourite among the Kop and on field, he's a smart footballer with a wicked left foot. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Craig Bellamy had a great goalscoring record last season EVEN THOUGH he was out for a couple of matches (I'm not so sure about how many, sorry!). And yes that's the best ever haul from the Welsh. So what's the point, Andy? Trying to say he's a one-season wonder? Sorry, please take a look at Bent instead.

It's a rare title-challenging side that doesn't have a 20-goal player, and for Liverpool to expect Steven Gerrard to be that player is a little optimistic I think. He looked jaded this summer and I just can't see him having that sort of season again.

Drogballs: Writing off Stevie G already, eh? He looks jaded, BUT HE STILL SCORED 2 GOALS for England, get that in your head. So now what, look at Frank Lampard. Top scorer for Chelsea last season. What happened to him during the World Cup? If you're gonna look at player's performances in the WC and then translate them into cub football, then sorry, it's gonna disappoint you. Instead of slagging off Stevie, why not just say, Chelsea doesn't have a 20 goals a season player and putting the burden on Lampard is optimistic because, er, he's as accurate as Hizbollah's missiles?


As it is, they're a striker down, but they do have Wayne Rooney, Louis Saha, Guiseppe Rossi and Alan Smith, who knows how to finish. If they could get in somebody with experience who didn't cost the earth, then fair enough, but I don't think United fans should be too perturbed about starting the season with the current squad.

Drogballs: He wrote off Liverpool because we LACKED a 20 goals a season striker. Now look, he's talking about ManYoo and have a look at those names there. Which of those players actually brings you 20 goals a season? Rooney? He's good, but he never scores enough goals. Saha? A bit part player who will get injured in October and make ManYoo scrambling for new strikers during the winter break. Putting your trust on Rossi is gonna end up in disappointments and Smith? Now you would need to convert him back to striker as he had became the new Roy Keane, eh?

I can be a bitter Liverpool fan and goes on to slag him, but seriously, if he had more insights and less bias-ness, things would never turn out this way, as awry as that piece of article. I'm not angry that he wrote us off. We're certainly NOT as good as the teams mentioned ON PAPER. But what football is about is not what your squad is on paper and not some numbers or figures. But it's about how a coach gets the best ouf a team and fulfilling the potential. I believe that with Benitez, Liverpool will continue to be the rise and one day, overtake Chelsea and we'll be back on our perch sooner than you think.

Continue to write us off, sure. When one day, we're back on our perch, you'll have a look at Andy Gray sucking up to us and writing other teams off. It's all about sucking up to the leader, isn't it?

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