Saturday, August 26, 2006

For You Football Junkies Out There

Thanks for all your support and comments alright, very much appreciated. Anyway if you're just surfing around and wants some other football blogs to visit, then I can say there are LOADS out there. But since they're the 'supporter' here, then I shall let them have this small space as advertisement board!

Note: This are all professionally done football blogs!

Soccer Prime News: The name speaks for itself!

Into Brazillian samba football? Brazillian Futebol

Searching for ManYoo stuff? Old Trafford Pressbox

La Liga and Barca interest you more... Spanish Football & Sports

Football & Toy Collections: Fortress of Testicular Fortitude

And of course, fellow Liverpool fan's fantastic blog. Ladies, sex, everything! This Is Anfield

Of course this are just a few selected links. For more, do click around at the links on the left. Cheers!

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