Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're Through To The Champions League Group Stages....

But More Injury Woes....

UEFA Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round

2nd Leg

Maccabi Haifa 1 - 1 Liverpool

(Liverpool through, 3-2 on Aggregate)

Maccabi - Colautti;
Liverpool - Crouch;

Alright, safely through to the next round. Thank God for that! But of course paid at a price again. After the injuries of Carragher and Riise over the weekends, Stephen Warnock is now crocked again and big man Sissoko is out as well, for a few weeks at least. Maybe it's the pre-season training camp Rafa had for them and they're still adjusting back to normal schedule and might struggle a little. The injuries as well as new players joining is never gonna help the team to gel together in a click. THAT's the thing I'm most worried now.

Since the Community Shield, we haven't been able to keep a clean sheet and that's not very Liverpool, right? Well I can say we should be patient with them, because of perhaps the rustiness and also the injuries. A defence line is not supposed to be changed in a game because they've trained together and I look at the defence more like department where players really need to understand each other and co-operate with each other throughout. I'm not saying that the midfield and striker department are not, but imagine how much going-ons there must have been for a group of 4 players to step out together and form an offside trap. That needs a lot of communications really, and understanding.

So now we've lost Carragher, Riise and Warnock through injury. Agger and Aurelio had to deputise and I must say it's 2 very big pair of boots to fill for both the new comers. Agger to be honest, has been impressive and looks a first team player for next season, if Hyypia is to be replaced. Aurelio on the other hand is a Brazilian and played in Spanish Primera Liga, which obviously is not of the same pace as the Premiership, where strength, speed and tenacity is the key. He'll need to take time to settle down and I must say he's doing alright, albeit that disastrous marking at the weekends. But Zonal Marking is gonna be difficult for them to adapt, although he's from Rafa's Valencia as well.

Now, the injuries. I hope they're not too serious. But Rafa seemed to think Momo is gonna be out for quite a few weeks, which is of course, not good. So perhaps now Rafa might push Gerrard in wards and partner Alonso while Zenden will be the replacement. I for one, hope we will get another defensive midfielder this coming transfer window. After Hamann's departure, it's about time we get someone. Rumours of Zapater and another Argentinian midfielder (whose name I forgot) were mentioned constantly, so let's hope and see.

So we're through to the Champions League...But at what cost...


收買佬 said...

Good afternoon Drogball,

I presume you can sleep like a sweet baby tonight. :-)

Congradulation ! Gong Xi Gong Xi.



Drogballs said...

haha Ni Hao!


Emma said...

A very exciting game. Liverpool created lots of chances, but were somewhat suspect defensively.

And who scored the goal? :D

Drogballs said...

really? You got to watch it? I tried to find it all over the net and still can't. From the looks like Garcia missed loads of chances.

oh your lanky husband HAHA

Emma said...

I saw it on ITV1. I live in England, so we're pretty football orientated.

Drogballs said...

yea that's the only channel showing and I can't find it. Oh by the way I heard the commentary for ITV suck hahaha David Pleat isn't it. Loads of complain on Fotball365!