Thursday, August 24, 2006

Laugh At It While You Can!

English Premier League

Gameweek 2

Middlesbrough 2 -1 Chelsea
Blackburn 1 - 1 Everton
Charlton 0 - 3 Man Utd
Fulham 1 - 1 Bolton
Man City 0 - 0 Portsmouth

Haha, Chelsea lost to Boro YET again and maybe you can't help but laugh. ManYoo continue to steamroll past all the relegation candidates and will be facing Watford this Saturday. The rest..are just draws...Can't wait for the weekends then!

Premiership Table

1. ManYoo ---------2--------6pts
2. Portsmouth ------2--------4pts
3. West Ham --------2--------4pts
4. Bolton ------------2--------4pts
5. Aston Villa -------2---------4pts
6. Everton ----------2--------4pts
7. Chelsea -----------2--------3pts
8. Newcastle --------2--------3pts
9.Boro --------------2--------3pts
10. Reading ---------2--------3pts
11. Tottenham ------2--------3pts
12. Arsenal----------1--------1pt
13. Liverpool ------1--------1pt
14. Watford ---------2--------1pt
15. Sheff Utd --------2--------1pt
16. Blackburn -------2--------1pt
17. ManCity ---------2--------1pt
18. Fulham ----------2--------1pt
19. Wigan ------------1-------0pt
20. Charlton ---------2-------0pt


Anonymous said...

You are very right to say that Chelsea lost to Boro yet again. Boro won the Blues with an outright 3-0 victory.

It's true too, that you should laugh while you can because I have a feeling Mourinho will be making amendments to the squad, and giving pressure to his players. Chelsea could win big...


Drogballs said...

Yea, I watched that previous game where Yakubu gave them a run around.

No doubt bout that, they have the players and they'll definitely come back strong.