Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Kop Centenary

A Hundred Years Of Red Hot Passion

Anfield prepares to celebrate 100 years of football's most famous stand. A mosaic wil be unviled before the game against West Ham to pay tribute to the enclosure that holds no equal in game.

My favorite Kop memory was when I bought tickets for my dad, brother and myself to the Olympiakos CL group stage in the 04/05 season. Liverpool had to win 3-1 in order to get though to the knockout stage after the visitors had grabbed the first goal. It was in the dying minutes of the game and Gerrard smashed in a thunder bolt. The Kop erupted and Gerrard ran to the corner where we were standing. I get cold shivers every time I hear Andy Gray commentating that vital goal… OH YOU BEAUTY!!!
Michael Dennan

In 2005 when Anderlecht visited Anfield, we were around 80 supporters from the Faroe Island that traveled down to Liverpool, many to watch our club for the first time. The trip was organized by the Liverpool Supporter Club Faroese Branch and they chartered a plane to fly directly from the Faroes to John Lennon airport. We ended up standing on the Kop for the whole match, singing along with the Kop and it was for all of us a heart warming experience that no one of us will ever forget.
Petur Olsen

They are unbelievable and it's a great feeling to know they are always behind us. I have said before they are our twelfth man and that is definitely the case.

"I remember when I first heard them singing my name and it gave me a very special feeling. The players know the fans will always be with them and that is fantastic for the confidence.

"Many of them also travel away of course and even last week we saw and heard our fans in Kiev. It can be difficult to go to different countries but our fans always come with us wherever we are playing."

Rafa Benitez

One day, I hope, I'll be able to stand on the Kop singing my throat dry and my heart out. Those special European nights like the one against Chelsea and Olympiakos will never be forgotten. The wall of noise they call it. The singing of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' sends chills down spines of the millions watching it at Anfield or even on the tele, the lovely rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' and of course not fogetting the 'We won it 5 times' song.

Can they be the 12th man as Liverpool take on West Ham today? Hopefully.

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