Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'Bung' Busters Report

To be honest, I'm still quite confused over what happened after BBC's latest revelation on the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing between agents, clubs and managers. I'm trying to get more information or even watch the program itself, but it doesn't seemed possible at this time. Anyway let me summarise the program with a few points.

How 'Bungs' Work (With Sarcasm Of Course!):

Scenario 1:

Agent X: You might want to sign Y, he's quite sh*t, you know.
Manager A: So why would I want to sign him?
Agent X: Because I'm giving you 350k to sign him.
Manager A: Done deal. I'll sign him for that.

Scenario 2:

Manager B: I want that that player. How much is he?
Agent Z: Nope, according to the club, he's not for sale, brother.
Manager B: Here's 350k. I hope it helps.
Agent Z: Oh, sure. He'll be at your club in no time.

Right, so you got what bung is? Maybe that's how it works on the surface, but roughly you'll get the damn idea, right? Anyway the revelation have alerted the English FA, LMA (League Manager's Association) and even the Cosmopolitan Police in England. The FA have decided to go into deep investgations and the following teams/players will be affected.

Illegal Approaches:

  • Frank Arnesen - Chelsea Director of Football
  • Liverpool FC
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Harry Redknapp - Portsmouth Manager
Of course all of them have refuted the claim. But the investigation will still be under way.

Illegal Activity With Agents/Managers:
  • Sam Allardyce - Bolton Manager
  • Craig Allardyce - Big Sam's son
  • Peter Harrison - Player Agent
  • Charles Colleymore - Player Agent
  • Kevin Bond - Player Agent
FA Chief Executive, Brian Barwick have asked for an immediate investigation and said that it is vital for the integrity of the game and will do it for all the supporters.

I for one, am disappointed by the name, Liverpool, showing up in that list. If we're guilty, then I think we should be punished. I won't go on a defensive because I'm a Liverpool supporter and I love Liverpool. If we're found of any wrong-doing, then we deserve it.

But let's not be hasty in making conclusions. We'll have to wait for the results of the investigations before we could say anything more about this matter.


sggooner said...

can imagine it's tough to hear your beloved club embroiled in this shite. i won't say i'm happy now cos the Gunners' name may surface later? who knows? either way, it's a sad part of football that shouldn't exist.

Drogballs said...

Yea man, but I'll still stay behind the club no matter what. Oh man what a sh*tty time, team is not in a great shape, stadium plans still up in the air and then this. We'll have to wait for the results though, hopefully not as serious as Juventus..

Anyway heard that Arsenal got into more debts? The money part of the game is really taking a toil isn't it...have to worry bout the team and then the financial status. That sucks..

louis` said...

hi . im louis. claire's classmate in poly. im also liverpool fan and watched them since i was young. she mentioned to me about your blog, hence i pop over and have a look.
ya, about the latest soccer saga, i was just like you , disappointed with liverpool's name appearing of all clubs. but i guess liverpool are innocent? i don't think Rafa or Rick Parry will do such underground stuff. besides, liverpool has always been clean and they wouldn't want to spoilt their record , right? anyway, i enjoyed your entries.


Drogballs said...

Hey man. haha nice to see you around since you're my 'daughter''s classmate so you're more than welcome here!

Hmm no worries about that I think, the FA mentioned that no point deduction would be impose and I still think the show is jumping to conclusion without evidence so much of the stuff they have on the show cannot be the concrete evidence the FA need to punish the people involved.

Cheers mate, drop by often alright!