Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Football's Dirty Secrets Out Tonight...

BBC will broadcast a program called "Undercover: Football's Dirty Secrets" in an attempt to reveal the dark secrets behind the beautiful game we love. I can't wait to hear and perhaps even to watch the program (highly unlikly) as they uncover the underhand dealings behind the scenes.

It became a serious matter when Luton Town boss, Mike Newell claimed in January this year that he had been offered a "bung*" and that prompted an investigation into the matter and the program that will be aired later in England, will most definitely send shock waves round planet football. A game that we called 'beautiful' might just have been more dirty then we all thought, the money laundering and corruptions.

*bung - dirty, underhand dealings.

Of course it's nothing new under the sun already, with Juventus relegated to the Italian Calcio Serie B due to corruption and match fixing allegations, the revelations that will be unveilled tonight will most certainly be an interesting talking point in days or weeks to come.

It is known that the BBC had an undercover team that 'infiltrated' into 'enemy lines' and taped down the conversations and from what I've seen, there might be 8 names that will be mentioned, but I highly doubt that they will actually do it. Let's wait and see as they uncover the dark secrets behind the English game. The revelations might not have the impact of the Italian football scandal, but there's also a possibility.

Will this be a turning point to the game? Will there be a major restructuring? What will be the end product of this investigation? I'm excited.

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