Friday, September 22, 2006

Henry Is A Closet Liverpool Fan !

IN ANOTHER life, Thierry Henry might well have worn a different red shirt. "A kid asked me on Wednesday if I would have liked to play for another team," the Arsenal and France striker said yesterday. "Straight away I said Liverpool.

"First of all, I would have loved to play with Steven Gerrard and second I like the club and their fans. There's something about Anfield that you can't explain.

"I love it when you step out of the dressing-room and you see the Kop, the scarves, and [hear people] singing You'll Never Walk Alone. Just that, that would do it for me.

"Obviously it can never happen because I love Arsenal too much. There can never be a possibility of playing anywhere else in England."

Much of the reasoning for that could be down to the guidance of Henry's compatriot, Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager who celebrates ten years in charge on September 30.

Henry cannot envisage the 56-year-old wanting to call it a day, saying: "I don't know if he can live without football. Thankfully for us, that's just him. This is his life."

Referring to Wenger as the most influential manager in England over the past decade, Henry said: "It's like when you see Ajax playing — they have this tradition of passing the ball and that's what Arsene has brought. Now we have an identity and people now recognise Arsenal by the way we play.

"Sometimes that's not enough for everybody and also for us because it doesn’t always bring you silverware. But that's the way it is.

"He said we were going to go a season unbeaten and he said it a year too soon. Everybody laughed. I remember that so well. When we lost that first game everyone said 'oh yeah?', but the year after [2003-04] we did it. He always says this kind of stuff and sometimes he’s the only one who thinks like that."

Henry was speaking at the launch of the Impact Art initiative for the Willow Foundation, the charity set up by Bob Wilson, the former Arsenal goalkeeper, that arranges special days for seriously ill young adults. Henry has donated his £27,000 prize for winning last season’s Golden Boot to the foundation.,,27-2369645,00.html

Drogballs: Hey Henry! Not too late! You're only 30 and have much to offer to..*cough* Liverpool *cough*. Anyway I'll relay your message to Stevie and ask him to stop passing you the ball.......oh wait a second....


sggooner said...

yo drogs, dun you see it? gerard's the closet Gunner (with his nice assists) and Henry is inviting him to come over to the best club in London... ;)

Drogballs said...

Haha maybe he's a closet French as well, since he did the nice assist in Euro 04.

Still think Gerrard will leave though. Don't think he'll stay till he retires. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

lol sarcasm? he would of left all ready,but he won't.I thought I read somewhere he said he would like to be involved with the club after he's done playing.Maybe he can succeed Rafa personally I think Robbie would make a great manager in the future somewhere,maybe the youth team or reserves.


Drogballs said...

No idea, maybe he just love the Liverpool fans, heh. Coming to players becoming manager, I'm a little..scared here after Souness, Robson and Bruce..

But if there's a name to replace Rafa, then I would love Carragher. Maybe Gerrard could do as well and Fowler has got the brains..