Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If You Could Wipe Away 3 Team Off The Face Of The Planet...

Which Teams Will It Be?

Saw this thread on the F365 forums and got very interesting. So I personally picked 3 teams that I hope they play their game in Mars or something...

1) Charlton - Unbelievably average and yet they ALWAYS managed to screw up Liverpool's season. Take last season, they beat us at The Valley, then came to Anfield to park the bus. Then when we needed them to go to Old Trafford to get a draw so that we could finish 2nd, THEY GOT THRASHED. B*stards, how I hate them.

2) Everton - Do I have to say more?

3) Bolton - Boring, long ball tactics. A whiny and irritating manager, bully the opponents in the Reebok Stadium mosts notably Arsenal and they had this spitting dog named Diouf there, right? I think he's still in their kernel.

I could've named Chelsea, ManYoo or Real Madrid. But they're great clubs (maybe not Chelsea though) and deserve their place in planet football.

So what's your pick? Do drop a mail or comment. ;)


Anonymous said...

ManYoo-Oh how I hate that club,only players I respect are Giggs and Scholes the rest can go to hell.

Chelski-nuff said

Juventes-cheating bastards you could throw in the other cheating Italian clubs,but they are the worst disgrace to football.

I would also agree with Everton.


Drogballs said...

Haha I can't stand the old ManYoo..but now they're alright to me. Prefer Arsenal though!

And actually, I don't like all the Italian teams...heh!

cheers matey.