Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Wonder Goals" ?

After Xabi Alonso's outrageous goal last night, many of you I'm sure, are interested to see more so called 'wonder goals'. So with the help of my friend over at, he helped compiled a list of videos which are seriously, out of this world. But nothing is impossible in football they say...

But before showing you the videos, here is the goal Xabi Alonso scored against Luton Town earlier this year, from inside his own half. The fact that the goalkeeper went missing from his goal might take the gloss away from this goal, but check out his tongue in cheek reaction. Oh and Gerrard's 'HEY PASS TO ME, LA! Oh nevermind...' reaction.

Okay, so now let's start with some goalkeeper who scored goals from goal kicks. Their opposite numbers must have been red faced, as red as a baboon's buttocks I presume..

Then another incident in the German Bundesliga. Schalke 04 playing against Bayer Leverkusen. Some might know that Lervekusen's keeper, Hans Jorg-Butt is a penalty taker and in this instance, he was the penalty taker. So he was overjoyed, running around celebrating his goals with his team mate. Then watch what happened next...

How about some Top 10 'Keeper Blunders?

And does this keeper take 'bungs' ??

Well, maybe some buns and a few burgers would do...I presume..


SoccerGuy said...

Kudos to Alonso. I don't think there would be any goal better than that this season. It left me absolutely stunned.

Well, the vids you share are really hilarious I must say. Just one thing: About the Leverkusen fluke, did the referee start play even before the keeper gets back his goal line? If that's the case, FIFA should really look into the rules and change it when necessary. It's basically just not fair to the defending team.

Anyway, I've got a wonder goal to share too... Roberto Carlos famous free kick. Maybe you've seen it before but it's a touch above class.

Drogballs said...

Yea, I thought he was about to try a long pass or something, who knows what happened next. I think I nearly woke up the whole village with the 'oh my god!'

I think it's not gonna count. If I'm not wrong the referee have to ensure both goalkeepers are in position before they can start the officially so most probably it's just not gonna count.

Hey anyway thanks for that, I might post it up later.


Anonymous said...

I was killing sometime today and came across this video.It's a pretty good compilation of goals.I must have replayed Clarence Seedorf's goal a dozen times,hell of a strike the first goal is pretty sweet as well.


Drogballs said...

Yea Seedorf is a great striker of the ball, shame he's warming the Milan bench nowadays..