Thursday, December 07, 2006

If Teams Are All Students In A School...

I got this from the F365 mailbox and thought it's quite funny.

Man Utd: Head boy, most popular, lots of hangers-on.

Chelsea: Scheming, influential rich kid, buys friends.

Arsenal: Very talented but very whiney. *Recommend eye test with
school nurse.

Portsmouth: Mouthy, comedian, always alert when bell rings.

Liverpool: Once head boy but now underachiever, tends to loiter round
school trophy cabinet.

Reading: New whiz kid - has settled in nicely.

Everton: Popular little scallywag, excels in history.

Villa: Recent personal problems but is now in good hands.

Bolton: Play ground bully; kicks, spits, lunges. Problem with

Tottenham: Wannabe, craves popularity, allergic to school dinners
(lasagne etc.)

Wigan: Shy type, hasn't many friends.

Man City: Mood swings effects results; constantly blue, dangerous
when seeing red.

Fulham: Well mannered, likable fop.

Blackburn: Feisty, unpredictable, watch this one.

Newcastle: The noisiest in class, bad results of late.

Boro: Easily distracted, promises much, delivers little.

Sheff Utd: Moans too often but can do better when concentrates.

West Ham: The wheeler/dealer, prone to producing and selling goods.

Watford: Tries his best but likely to re-sit another year below.

Charlton: Gets picked on relentlessly, must try harder.

Maybe you got better ideas?