Thursday, December 07, 2006

News On FA Cup & Champions League

The News I Forgot To Report On:

I nearly forgot to update you people about the FA Cup draw Liverpool was in last Friday (I think). By now most of you might have known that we're once again drawn with the Gunners just as we did in Carling Cup.

Well, we it's just a matter of time before we face a major team and why not as soon as possible. I know we lost at the Emirates 3-0 earlier last month but this time round it will be at Anfield just like the Carling Cup tie. If we can't beat them, then we have no right of winning the FA Cup again. So let's do it, boys!

Champions League Who's Who:

Okay, I know. I do not need to introduce you the teams in the last 16 already because there isn't any surprises other than Lille or maybe Celtic. But as group leaders, we will only be able to draw teams that finish second and are not from England (country protection).

The draw will be made on 15th December.

We could face Barcelona, Inter Milan, Roma, Real Madrid, Celtic, Porto or Lille. ALl pretty strong teams, eh? Facing Barcelona could be a daunting task and I think they're the team everyone is praying to avoid while there are other gargantuans such as Inter and Real.

Tough one. Who's hoping for Celtic? I would love another round of "Battle of Britain" and of course who could sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" louder.

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