Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Takeover: Your Thoughts?

I sincerely hope that there will not be changes in the managerial level and Rick Parry to remain as our CEO.

I sincerely hope that Rafa will be given the right and power to buy whatever player he wants instead of being asked to buy a certain player by the boss. The reason he left Valencia was this and I do not want it to happen again.

I sincerely hope we do not become another Chelsea, splashing millions around blindly without thinking of the financial consequences. A sufficient budget for Rafa to utilise at the start of season and keep to it.

I sincerely hope that we keep to our principle in terms of spending. We do not over-pay.

I sincerely hope we do not need to name our new stadium the 'Dubai Anfield' or 'Al-Field'. Just keep to Anfield, or New Anfield. Period.

I sincerely hope we get to keep the Shankly Gates and place it outside the new stadium.

I sincerely hope they do not interfere with things at the club but rather, more on the business side. Keep the club in the black and let Rafa do his job.

I know the takeover won't please many fans out there because it's like selling our soul to the devil. I understand. Parry understands. We can't satisfy everyone. And I have full faith in Parry and Moores that the choice they made is justifiable and for the interest of the club.

I do not think David Moores will sell the stock of club so easily if he thinks this is not the right move. He even lowered the stakes and we all know the man loves the club. The Moores family have been in control since 1950s and he know he just can't let it go down the drain.

I also think that with the resources, Rafa will now be able to get who he wants instead of the 2nd or 3rd choices. How many times have we bought a Nunez instead of a Simao and a Pennant instead of Alves? If we continue to buy stop gaps, the gap will only widen and our distance with the big boys will only lengthen.

I fully understand the frustration of many Liverpool fans who are so against this move. But we have to accept a very sad but true fact that football is no more a sports but business. The football world is a reflection of what it is in the world today and we can't escape from it.

But through it all, I sincerely hope we still can keep the faith and love for the Reds. There is always something money can't buy and that's your passion for Liverpool. And let's hope that this will be the dawning of the new era.

But take note that the takeover won't be completed that soon. It will take quite some time. So we should still concentrate on supporting the team rather than worry about things off the field.


Chee Sheng said...

yes... i think we can finally buy players like Alves or Simao who we really need. We were missing that little bit of extra cash before, and now we could get it with the takeover.


Yes, with cash we can get the players but it's still up to Rafa's job to make them work as a team rather than going out to buy everyone and then screw it up big time.

Hafiz said...

Mixture of sad and happy.

Happy - It's impossible to compete with big teams without money. Seriously. You need cash for high wages, transfer fees, bla bla bla. Also for the stadium. No more debts.

Sad - A little bit sad. People will label us as the next Chel$ki or ManUSA. People thinking that Liverpool "lelong" the club for money, which isn't. It's just an investment.

If i'm rich one day, even i;ll buy Liverpool.