Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Formation On Saturday......

For the first half,

Looks interesting, eh? A 3-5-2 formation with Finnan pushed forward more than Riise on the left.


mintox said...

A formation is nothing with out instructions and particularly with a formation like this, it is dependant on the team you are playing against.

Wigan were never going to have a constant quality threat on the wings meaning that Riise and Finnan were allowed freedom to get forward. I'd suggest that such a formation wouldn't work against your robbens and Duff's of the world.

I think this formation has it's place against weaker opposition so that we can work to our strengths in the middle (Stevie, Xabi and Momo when he returns)

Chee Sheng said...

how did u get that COOL formation pic? damn.. your Liverpool news sources are unlimited... are u an insider? ;p


Mintox: Indeed, we cannot afford to play this formation against the bigger teams. The reason why Riise was more withdrawn than Finnan was that Wigan concentrated more of their attacks on their right flank. But the ironic thing is 2 of the 4 goals we scored were from the left flank.

CS: Haha it was on EuroSport website. And no i'm no insider. I just go around finding news from my sources :D