Thursday, December 07, 2006

John Nic's Recent Article Tickled Me

The good ol' John Nicholson is back. Well, he was just commenting on the Premiership club's crest and how absurd some of them are. Let's see his comments.

"Boro's lion looks like its doing a disco style hand jive and just hangs in space. Why the badge doesn't feature the transporter bridge is a mystery. Put the bloody lion on the bridge if you want but at least make it a bit local. "

"Arsenal have recently redesigned their badge. Now it features a big old gun, naturally enough, and the word Arsenal. And err...well, that's it, actually. You wouldn't know it was actually anything to do with a football club, and certainly not one of Arsenal's long history. It looks like the sort of thing advertising executives who know nothing about football might come up with. Bland and uninspiring, it probably cost a fortune."

"Bolton, bizarrely, has the letters BWFC formed into the shape of a lovely balloon with ribbons on it. Nothing brings Bolton to mind more than a big round bag of air I suppose - or Sam Allardyce, as he's more usually known." (Ed - Some ladies said it looks like a sperm, coughs*)

"Spurs' famous cockerel has an art deco look about it these days as it balances improbably on a football. It must take the prize for most obscure historical inspiration - fighting cocks used to wear spurs - oh yes they bloody did - and the Hotspur name was apparantly originally inspired by fiery Harry Hotspur from a Shakespeare play who wasn't a real person but was based on Lord Percy of Northumberland. Err...yes. So a big cock on a badge it is then; with; 'To Dare Is To Do' on it as a motto. On Saturday they dared to play crap, and they did. Well done. "
(Ed - To me, it just looks like a peacock standing on basketball).

"Newcastle's badge features two sea horses on either side of a shield. Why seahorses? Perhaps because they are one of the few creatures on earth where the male is the one who get's pregnant and gives birth. This may at least explain the size of Freddie Shepherd. "

Villa's lion looks as fierce as a custard tart. Underneath it is written the single word 'Prepared'. Prepared for what? Dinner? An anal probe? To hit Lee Hendrie?

But of course he on to say about Liverpool's badge being quite relevant as to what the Liverbird is to the city. I'm sure you had a laugh.

His article HERE

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