Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chelsea At It Again, Bellamy & Mexes To Pool?

Ibrahim-alacadebra-ovic To Chelsea....If They Meet His £5 million-a-year Wage Demands

So one of the most over-rated striker is asking THAT much money. But i dont think there's too much problem for Chelsea, isn't it? They can afford the wage of every single footballer in the Premiership already. Meanwhile.......

Chelsea to offer £50M for Real Madrid's Raul


Ian Rush Backs Pool To Bid For Bellamy

Fellow Welsh recommends their fellow Welsh. I actually don't think Rafa would like him at the club due to his attitude problem and some of his off-field problem. But don't mistake me, he's actually not that bad. But Liverpool class....hmmm..BETTER THAN PETER CROUCHINHO. And meanwhile....

Agents Says Liverpool The Front Runner For Mexes

Yes, i know. Legend in the Championship Manager world. But do we really need that many defenders? Suddenly we have Hyypia, Carra and Agger. Then we'll be having the Argie Paletta in the summer. But I definetely won't mind him if he really joins us. Anyway legend in Championship Manager doesn't mean legend in real life. See Jean-Alain Boumsong.

Tomorrow would be GOOD FRIDAY! Will be down in church real early. More updates tomorrow i guess, kinda lazy today. Good Night and Happy Good Friday Eve.

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