Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Look How Rich Footballers Are...And Some Updates..

Premiership Footballers Paid Average Of £676,000 per year($2mil)

So, these people who go around kicking a ball together with 21 others earn THAT much. And that represents a rise of 65% since year of 2000 when it was only £409,000 per year back then. tsk tsk..seemed so easy to earn money when you're talented.

A Little Update of Me....
This few day have been pretty okay i guess! Went to TP for dinner on Sunday..then over to my house for football..after weekiat's work he came over and watched ManYoo vs Arse along with yuling and rivand. stayed up until around 3am before rivand walks home while weekiat and yuling slept over at my house...cos its more convenient going to their school from my house. Erm this afternoon went lunching munching with Alina at Thomson area. She craves for chicken rice..so went to the very hongkong style chicky rice stall. Then surprisingly she say she still hungry! So went prata with her at the now bigger and cooler prata house! She ate a little while im sipping away listening to her troubles eh. Coincidentally saw Clairence and then Cheryl there. sat for quite awhile i think..1 1/2 hrs??Uhm nothing else la.

I'll end here! tata. more to come tomorrow!

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