Friday, April 14, 2006

Merry Good Friday!

Thank You for sending Your son to die for our sins and torned te veil into two, taking away the seperation between God and us. Amen.

Congrats Young Reds!
Haha. So the Liverpool U21 squad made it to the FA Youth Cup finals and took a commanding 3-0 lead for the first leg of the finals. Kinda proud of them even though they are not directly the Liverpool we support, but some of these players might end up the first team players in a few years time. Paul Anderson, Jack Hobbs, Godwin and Adam Hammil are players you need to watch and might even make it into the first XI by next year. So good luck Young Reds, bring the cup back home!

And the day goes....
Went to church earlier than normal today because dad's the usher today. The service was surprisingly long. Urgh...Went for lunch with dad before going down to AMK macs to accompany Chicken Rice Queen, Alina to study. tsk tsk. talk abit of rot before getting serious..then suddenly it was 4hrs+ alrdy. Then her friend came to find her(crap i forgot her name!) and we went to the chicken rice stall outside my old house for dinner. ya then made our way back to thomson because i needa get some stuff while she's nice enough to go with me. haha guess what...we walked back from thomson to the casuarina area..seems a long trip but so much rubbish to talk about made it not very long as it seems! sometimes we city-dwellers really need to slower down the pace of our life, take a walk around instead of the easier and faster way take bus. Ah love it. Okay end here. im dead tired. i'll see if there's anything interesting to be posted on later. so au revoir.

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