Monday, April 10, 2006

What Is Wenger Thinking? Happy Birthday Gift For Prowler Fowler

Manchester Utd 2-0 Arsenal (Rooney, Park Ji-Sung)

So what did Mr Wenger do when he faces one of the toughest opposition and bitter rivals. Drop Theirry Henry. Yes baffled? Absolutely. What are you thinking Mr Wenger? A half-fit Henry is surely better than a Adebayorbaboony? Really surprised when i saw the team sheet and straight away i know Wenger has give up even playing against the in-form ManYoo. But don't take credits away from ManYoo, they played quite well for almost the entire match, and deserved to win. So ManYoo's still in the title race(kinda) while Chelsea proved what 400million can do by thrashing West Ham 4-1.

Liverpool 1-0 Bolton 'Ruggers' (Fowler)

A birthday gift for birthday boy! Robbie Fowler, the god of Anfield scored on his 31st birthday as Liverpool their 5th win in a row. Crouchinho juggled the ball in the box before laying it off for Fowler, as he uses his lethal left foot to lash in from outside the area. Not bad of a result as Bolton were on a 3 game losing streak and they came to Anfield with an intent to stop the rot and defended really well throughout thewhole match. Stelios and Davies had chances to put Bolton ahead but spurned their chances. It was a really tight game and Liverpool can't play up to their standard. But a good win, and we crossed the 70 points mark. Only the 2nd time in a decade. Surprise surprise!

More updates tonight!

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