Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm More Concerned About Maureenio's Arrogance Than The Bird Flu

He's at it again! So he said he's more concerned about the Bird Flu then ManYoo's late title charge. Fair enough, but what do you think would he say if ManYoo *really* overtake them at the 11th hour and crown Champions? surely the media's gonna dig out all of his quotes and laugh at him. And I'm bloody damn sure I would too. Cheers!

Went steamboating with the 6Gs yesterday as it was the last night for the NS boys! Justin, Daryl, Tingyew, Eddy, Weiquan, Jialong, Shixing, Jane and Henry was there. Had quite a good time. Ate alot..watched em played bowling..walking up and down the street trying to find a place to play pool. tsk but in the end can't find la. So have to resort to going home early. Ah all the best for Henry and Jialong and have *fun* in NS! Our turn next year i presume..urgh.

Until then..Cya!

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