Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stinking Juve and Eboue's Post-match Comment

Juventus 0-0 Arsenal (Arsenal through, Agg: 2-1)

As I mentioned on my previous post, they wont make a comeback against Arse. How right am i actually? I think i'm 100% right. Because i think Juve are the team that is trying to play a 0-0 for the whole match and bore the living hell out of anyone bother watching (except Gooners of course). To tell you they're Italian champions makes you wonder how shit Italian league really is. They're slow to move the ball from back to front, they do nothing but lump long ball @ Trezeguet & Ibrahimovic..anyone of them la..since they're both so super big sized.

Then again what did they do when things are not going right again? Get someone sent off la. It's so Italian isn't it. Bunch of sad losers and can't accept the fact that they actually don't deserve anything out of the 2 legs and should bury their head in the soil.

So i would like to officially LAUGH AT JUVENTUS and once again they proved that Italian teams have got no character and substance. Below is a summary of their 'tactic' against Arsenal.

1) Midfielders should stick closely to the defenders and dont venture forward, because the defenders will lump 60-70 yards long ball to the 2 strikers, so there is actually not a need for the midfielders.

2) Although playing 2 strikers, 1 of them MUST stick out on the wing and get isolated. I dont mean 1 striker get isolated. i mean both.

3) Is Mutu playing??

4) Some players from Juve seemed to be playing their first ever football match. They DON'T BLOODY KNOW WHAT IS AN OFFSIDE TRAP and seemed to be caught every single time. Looking at the stats tells the story.

5) The striker that sticks out on the wing must ALWAYS attempt to dribble past at least 4 players.

6) Things not going your way? Get yourself sent off.

All in all, shit tactic. Or i should call it, the non-existent 'tactic'.

Emmanuel Eboue's Post-match Comment:

I think it was about 70th minute when i suddenly notice my shorts felt heavy. I reached into my right pocket and noticed there was a little Czech international footballer with long blonde hair in there! Bugger me for not noticing before, but he must have been in my pocket the whole game prior to that! I think he got sent off a few minutes later.

Haha i really don't know whether this is really what he said or not, but its kinda funny isn't it. Let's all laugh at PAVEL NEDVED !

Other Results:
Barcelona 2-0 Benfica (Ronaldinho, Eto'o)

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