Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Even Carra Backs Arse To Win CL!!

As an old Arsenal fan(back in the primary school days when we're all glory hunters and bandwagon jumper), i would wish L'Arse all the best for tonight's game and crush those bloody Italians! They've got no character so I wouldn't expect them to do TOO much in this match. Just hold on tight then ask Mr Speedy Henry to do the rest of the work, and you guys should be okay! It wont be easy, but i doubt they can do a comeback anyway. If i don't give enough support, maybe Liverpool vice captain's support is enough?

Carragher back Gunners to CL glory

CL Quater-finals 2nd Night:
Juventus vs Arsenal
Barcelona vs Benfica

Drogballs OUT.

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