Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tales Of 2 Milans, Villar-real-ly Good, Riquelme Of A Dream

Wha wha, topic abit chm isn't it. Haha. Yea after last night's Champions League match, 2 semi finalists are born and they are AC Milan and......Villarreal..hear me right! Well, AC are alittle jammy as well. Out-played by Lyon for around 80+ minutes then the very Houllier-esque self destruction at the end, so went on to lose...3-1. Inzaghi with a double and then Lyon gifted Shevchenko a free goal, rounded coupet and then into an almost empty net.

But the story of the night would have to be Villarreal's fairytale story of reaching the semifinals of Europe's elite club competition. The fact that the stadium can hold more than the village itself speaks of the club's achievment and why we all should look forward to clubs like this rather than the London club whom have unlimited millions to spend. The absolutely crushed Inter, limiting them to only 9 shots and having 23 themselves. Of all the players, i must say i'm very impressed by Villarreal's playmaker, Juan Riquelme. His free-kicks, passing and his vision is quite special and unlucky not to get 1 for himself...from the right wing!

AC Milan 3-1 Lyon (Agg: 3-1 Milan through)
Villarreal 1-0 Inter (Agg: 2-2 Villarreal through)

alright more updates coming!

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