Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Can ManYoo Really Catch Chelski? Hmm..

Alright so after this weekends results, suddenly the Premiership looks far more open than it seemed. Chelsea, 18 points clear at the start of March, is now only 7 points above ManYoo. Will ManYoo really go on and do it? I'll do a little analysis since erm, im quite free and nothing betterto do actually haha.

Chelsea: 79 pts

Run-in: Prediction:
vs West Ham (Home) Win 2-0
vs Bolton (Away) Win 2-1
vs Everton (Home) Win 1-0
vs Man U (Home) Draw 1-1
vs Blackburn (Away) Draw 1-1
vs Newcastle (Away) Win 2-0

Total: 93pts Goal Diff: +47

Man Utd: 72 pts

Run-in: Prediction:
vs Arsenal (Home) Draw 1-1
vs Sunderland (Home) Win 3-0
vs Tottenham (Away) Win 3-1
vs Middlesbrough (Home) Win 2-0
vs Chelsea (Away) Draw 1-1
vs Charlton (Home) Win 3-1

Total: 86pts Goal Diff: +43

So, conclusion is that the champion will still be back into the hands of Chelsea, sadly. Of course this is just my prediction and all the prediction are based on current form, which of course shouldn't be used in 'predicting' scores as you know football is round and you never know maybe John Terry gets injured and Chelsea's form dip or Fletcher doing his backward header and scoring in all the remaining games. Watch this space.

In Other News.....

- Good News Gunners!
Juve's Allesandro Del Piero has beened ruled out of the CL Quater Final match. So you guys have 1 less worry. Fabregas and Eboue is passed fit as well.

- Liverpool Summer Clear-out
Red alert to people like Cisse, Le Tallec and Traore. Ruthless Benitez is about to send this people packing as he continue on his Rafa-lution.

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