Monday, March 26, 2007

England Stumbles

Shit Happens, But This Doesn't Come Along Too Often....

Euro 2008 Qualifiers

Israel 0 - 0 England

You know some days, things just don't go your way. It's like everyone thinks you owe them a living, even a packet of yoghurt drink. Trust me, the following is really random but it does apply to what happened last night at Tel Aviv.

I took it out and without recapping it back properly, placed it into the fridge horizontally. 20 minutes into the first half, I went into the kitchen and aghast to see yoghurt drink all over my floor. So I had to take like 15 minutes to clean everything up, mop the floor and clean up the fridge. Mind you I don't do any of these stuff at home.

After 15 minutes, I was anxious to see whether there's anything that moves on the score board and to my disappointment, there wasn't. Sat down and watch the final few minutes before half time and I came to a conclusion that mopping the floor and cleaning the fridge is more entertaining.

No actually, I just felt that McClaren has a big clean up to do. Egos are overflowing like the yoghurt drink out of the uncapped bottle and if nothing is done to it, it's pretty easy to see the consequences of all these.

You know, the European Qualifiers is hanging by a thread, in England's case of course. It has a potential to become a catastrophe and it already seemed to have gone a little awry at this point of time.

Yet again, it was toothless and abject. Only a handful could go back to their homeland with pride while it seemed like a disaster not to go away from Israel with 3 points, you're probably wrong. Because you have over-estimated this bunch, like I've mentioned few days back.

The fortune they possess are something many could only dream off and their work rate on the field is on the contrary, much to be desired. Perhaps the chase for personal glory have eaten up their hunger for the honour of the team and country.

Big time charlies and egoistic players in the team who are untouchables, commanding the dressing room and cliques formed within the squad. Players vying for power while some couldn't be bothered.

Manager seeing all these, does absolutely nothing to stop the spilling of ego within the squad. In lieu, he made the players with power stronger and it was as if the team picks itself. Players could go out for a 90 minutes walk and stroll back into the dressing room as if nothing happens because he knows damn well, that he'll get selected in the next match anyway.

I doubt there's even a plan on the board for them to follow, or maybe it's just 'play however you want, just like what you do at your club'. All was at a mess and when things starts to get awry, it's always too late. Always a step slower.

And no matter how many goals this team will score past the might of Andorra, fans and critics will still remember the inadequacies of this team. If McClaren doesn't clean up the spilled egos, it might be a little too late. Top 2 places are a step out of reach for the Three Lions.


psychohare said...

i cant really be bothered with England, but it annoys to see that Gerrard and Carra will never be able to get International glory... what a waste... England should hire Lippi, although that is probably impossible.


To sack McClaren, they would need to for out 2.5mil GBP. Sounds a lot but if they were to ask the public for donation I think they'll get it within 1 day!

J said...

it's so sad... >_>
they have so much talent going to waste. they ened a good manager that can show them how to mesh well together. but i agree, perhaps there are some attitude problem. what's this i hear about them being PAID for international duty? isn't it meant to be a PRIVILEGE to be playing for one's country?!

there is a problem and they have to address it quick or we won't be seeng them in Euro 2008.

i think for one....start playing players in hte right position.

and i know everyone's on about injuries etc, but really, we need some young ones to step into the boots of the senior players sooner or later, so i say play some young ones, give them a chance. some of htem are playing much better than hte seniors anywyas.

beisdes, the england team has always been overrated. they need more humility. and while it hurts to see them defeated all hte time, it could just be the kind of wake up call they need.

p.s. did anyone else see the lampard dive? =P *tsk tsk*


Fitting square pegs into round holes even when there are round pegs available.

And Lampard's dive won't be noticed because er, he's England. :)