Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quote Of The Week...Never Mind! Quote Of The Year!

"Someone who has watched a lot of international football called me and said it [England's display in Israel] was as good a display of football as they had seen over the entire weekend."

Reporter 1: Good lord...

Reporter 2: Oh my....

"People must produce. They must perform. They know that"

Perhaps, it's a line on his soon to be coming, resignation letter!


J said...

hahahaha i love hte looks on hte pplz next to him XD
hahha. anywyas, long comments due to me = likes to discuss football....
all my friends = do not follow football >_> ahhahaha
so i have to let allll that out on websites such as urs ^_^. =P

p.s. ur website is great =D


thanks mate. Will welcome your comments here.