Friday, March 30, 2007

Press & Media Take Some Blame

The aftermath of getting 4 points out of a possible 6 is the unrelenting vitriolic abuse on England manager Steve McClaren and you've got to wonder when will it all end.

'McDonut' the S*n calls him and various other papers adding fuel to fire. It makes the England job one of the most unattractive and stressful job on planet football.

And you wondered why Big Phil Scolari shunted the job and continued on with coaching Portugal.

Perhaps it's time for the press and media to take a good hard look on themselves and instead of putting blames on others, pointing fingers and in Sir Alex's term, 'mocking', the poor man.

They constantly come up with news that are blown out of proportion, putting the team and manager under intense pressure. The players now played under the fear of media criticism rather than the lack of result. They might be paid extremely well in our context but let's not forget, they are humans with feelings after all.

Have you wondered why teams like England and Spain always underachieved? Italy to a certain extent as they only manages to do well every 12 years but at least it's 12 years and not in England's case, 41 years!

Well, is it any coincidence that these country's press are the most critical ones? They're always the one that hype things up and when things doesn't go well, they're the first to cast the stone.

Professional criticisms are part and parcel. But when it comes to personal attacks and very unethical criticisms on a certain player is just bang out of order. It seemed like nobody is able to please the press anymore.

It's almost impossible to get rid of the culture as it's deeply implanted within the society already but maybe they could make do with less of those scathing personal attack on a certain individual or putting extra pressure on the players.

If it continues, no matter which manager they appoint or how many Ronaldinhos the academy can produce, it won't matter. They play with fear and insecurity. That's the last thing you want from them.

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J said...

good point you raised there.
i have often thought it is quite bad of england fans to turn so vicious on their own team. granted at some points it seems justified. but we gotta have some faith~!
i guess it's coz they're not a "club" so there's gonna be rivalry b/w the players that the fans like. ie. lampard/gerrard, regardless of how they're playing.

nad media. media has alwyas made money screwing other pplz over. and one would think taht they'll have gotten used to it by now, england being such a football driven country.

i didn't realise that it was hte same with spain.
how sad. england and spain are my fav national teams.
but no matter! i'm sure tehr are faithful fans too for both teams! (me!) ahahha.
liverpool fans are the best coz tehy have faith. we don't throw the squad to hte wolves when they aren't performing too great. w'ere disappointed, and rightly so, but we're more sharing in hte pain of hte bland game than throwing insults.
national team fans should learn to do the same.
where's hte love for ur team if u keep booing them???

i don't see the media backing down anytime soon. so the managers and the players just need to get stronger backbones.