Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Have Some Comedy Moments

It has been a slow week with all the McClaren slating and Lampard dissing. I know everyone is looking forward to the big match this Saturday between Arsenal and Liverpool because we all know that it's going to be far more exciting than watching England take a stroll in the park and hoofing ball to two 5 foot 8 strikers.

International football sucks. So watch these to entertain yourself...


J said...

ahhahaha. was that rijkaard?!?!?! like barca's coach??? =P
hahaah i liked some of hte stuff htere! the music is very good pairing btw!

but really, teh lenght of those shorts... >_<
i;'m glad they're a bit longer now.


Yes, that's Frank Rijkaard. Spot his floppy hair. The victim was former German manager, Rudi Voeller I think..