Friday, March 30, 2007

Someone Spare Him A Few Penny?

According to various sources:

Liverpool full-back John Arne Riise has been declared bankrupt by the courts for an unpaid debt of around £100,000.

Riise, understood to earn around £50,000 a week, was declared bankrupt at Liverpool County Court on Tuesday.

Well, something I don't get. He could very well pay back the debt in around 2 weeks but why is he bankrupt? Oh well, I'm certainly no expert in the financial aspect of things and seemed like his former agent has screwed him over big time with investments and stuff.

There's also ongoing court case between him and the former agent and perhaps, that was why he put up some really haphazard performances this season and hasn't been as consistent as he used to be.

Whatever the case, perhaps he still could sell away his Champions League medal? Heh!

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