Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Would You Want Him Back?

Like if you have a chance to woo back your former love, would you?

Circumstance might be pretty similar to Robbie Fowler, who was ousted by the cynical Gerard Houllier. But remember, this is the player who perhaps, held the club to ransom.

Might not be true as we all know how screw up the board is sometimes and TWICE, they nearly let Gerrard go to Chelsea with their half hearted attitude to bid the captain's stay.

Anyway, his departure didn't really came as a shock even though there was the sacking of Houllier and the appointment of Rafa Benitez during that summer. Rafa is keen to keep him but the England striker doesn't want to commit and went to Real Madrid for 8million.

It was without a doubt a difficult period of time for him as he continues to score the goals but got overlooked as he's back in the packing order. With Raul and Ronaldo providing the necessary competition, he found it hard to get going and injuries aren't helping him.

And as he signaled his intention to leave Spain, clubs scrambled for his signature including the likes of Man United and Arsenal. Liverpool were also in the fray as it's hailed as a possible 'return of the prodigal son', just like Fowler.

But he chose to join Newcastle United instead, very well knowing that even though they're a well supported team, they've been mediocre at best over the years and underachieved a great deal.

Upon joining, he did provided useful goals and his goal scoring record speaks for itself. But the problem with him is still the niggling knee injury. His 'gone in 60 seconds' act during the World Cup was the last time he was seen on the field and is probably going to return in a month or so time.

Knowing very well that he COULD make a return to Liverpool in the summer, would you want him to? Newcastle will want to hold on to an asset even though the Rafa knows that he will have adequate resources to bring him back to Anfield.

The future is unpredictable as how Robbie Fowler returned to the club last season when he seemed to become the forgotten man. Prodigal son returning is a possibility and I would like to hear from you regarding this issue.

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Elia said...

A team with Micheal Owen is better than a team without him.That being said I hope he's like a last option or plan B,so to speak.I'd like to see a Eto'o or Villa someone along those lines before Owen coming back.


Indeed, I would consider all else first before him. And how much have he lost during the past 8-9 months is still unknown...

loveuamy said...

always welcome back Michael


Seems like we Liverpool fans are a pretty emotional bunch...Nostalgia and all..

flaka said...

we love owen.be back please if not this t=year the next one please do it.