Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Champions League Watch: 1st Night

Fab-ulous Fabregas Cripples 'Old Lady'
Arsenal 2 (Fabregas 40min, Henry 70min)

Juventus 0 (Sent off: Camoronesi, Zebina) Juventus yet again fell at the hands of an English foe at the quater final stage. Remember last season when they met Liverpool and the first leg was something like what happened last night. Juvetus came, couldn't cope with the speed and tenacity of the game, and self destructed. So a certain Paddy Vieira returns to his spiritual home and his job is to exorcist the ghost. But failed spectacularly of course. He, can go on and clean Fabregas boots. He's outclassed and outpassed by this 19 year old Spaniard(who looked distinctly like Cristiano Ronaldo), and outackled by....Pires..yeah hear me right! Haha anyway as usual Fabregas stepped up his game and should, in my opinion, win the Man of the Match award. fair play to this kid, he looked so calm and composed on the field, especially his well taken goal. His vision and his passing is class and we should keep a close eye on him. He and Xabi Alonso will surely be Spain's first choice central midfield pairing for years and years to come.

Juventus on the other hand...what on earth are you guys doing? Might as well ask your mam or your grandmother to play for you, and they might even play with more commitment and interest than you lot. I don't even think they manage to threaten the Arse defence all night and Toure was as assured as ever. And Mutu....was in the pocket of Eboue the entire night. Ah tough 2nd leg i can say for both team depending on how you see this. So Juve will be without 3 players for the 2nd leg namely Camoronesi, Vieira and Zebina. Nedved and Del Piero might set for a return..but i really fancy Arsenal for the 2nd leg. All they need to do, sit back, keep tight and hit them on the break using the pace of Henry and the cheat diving of Reyes. Ah but don't expect an easy game, L'Arse...i know what it is like to watch your team play against Juve at Turin. Bit your fingers, and pray real hard. It's only half time guys.

Other Result

SL Benfica 0-0 FC Barcelona
(Ed: How on earth didn't Barcá take at least a 4-0 lead?)

Other Football News

-Liverpool's board confirm takeover talk
-Joseph Yobo of Everton named to replace Campbell @ Arsenal
-Beckham backs Eriksson for Real Madrid hotseat

Tonight's Fixtures (2.30am)
Inter Milan vs Villarreal
Lyon vs AC Milan

I'll post again if I see anything real stupid, funny or any latest footie news!

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