Friday, March 31, 2006

Update on the Liverpool lads

So what are Red's millionaire doing other than chasing the ball on a green pitch with 21 other individuals? Here are some of the things i've found.

Xabi Alonso:

I know, girls. I see your saliva dripping! This Ben McKenzie lookalike actually has a blog! It's damn rare a footballer is willing to write about their life etc. So.. HERE'S THE LINK

Djibril Cisse:

Mr. See-say is starting his clothing line. I think its Klubb Nine or something like that, la. If only he spend more time PRACTICING shooting rather than making himself looking like some weird alien from outer space. Oh anyway from the left: Peter (trying to look cool, but still look like Timmy) Crouch-inho, Stevie (I'll back-pass for Henry to score) Gerrard, Djib (I-miss-from-2-yards-out) Cisse and...the botak model is actually Pascal Zinedine Cygan in disguise!

6Gee outing tonight! Update will come soon! Au Revoir.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you idiot girl, Djibril Cisse is one of the best football players in the world, either you like it or not!